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Artisans' Guild of Camas

Uniting Creativity and Community:
Explore the Magic of Artisans' Guild of Camas

Discover the power of art with the Artisans' Guild of Camas! Our mission is to spread art throughout our community with community outreach and provide a supportive environment for all artists. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, join us for just $20/year and gain access to our vibrant community and creative spirit.

Shelley Contrell
Mural by Elle Benage
Ellen Nordgren
Anne Mattheisen
Ariel Russell
Jacqui Dowsett
Steve Palmer
Sandy Moore
Sharon Buckmaster
Sandra Gangle
Sara Taylor
Phyllis Carter
Cheryl Mathieson
Linda Blair
Toni McCarthy
Keith E. Russell
Shirley Bishop
By Keith E. Russell
By Angela Swanson
By Toni McCarthy
Tamra Sheline
by Sue Merritt
By Sue Clancy
By Regina Westmoreland
By Sandra Longmore
By Sharon Buckmaster
By Liz Pike
By Liz Nye
By India de Landa
By Sandy Moore
By Deborah Nagano
By Tamara Dinius
By Angela Marie
By Catherine Tanner

Become a  member until 2025 for $30. 

Join AGC and make a difference in the art world! AGC is a not-for-profit art organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, and protecting visual arts in our community. We need members like you to help us reach our goals. By joining AGC, you will have access to exclusive benefits and the opportunity to be part of a passionate, supportive, and diverse community. Click the button below to learn more about our membership benefits and expectations. Together, we can make a difference in the art world

Image by Eddy Klaus

Our ArtLink Artisans

One of our most exciting programs is ArtLink, which helps connect AGC member artisans with local businesses. Through ArtLink, merchants can preview the individual artists' portfolio pages and pick those they are interested in a partnership. This program has been incredibly successful in bringing together artists, businesses, and the public to celebrate the local art scene.

We need volunteers to make our opportunities a reality.  

We need volunteers to help organize and implement art shows, art events, merchant showings, and other art-related opportunities in Camas, Washington. 


Share Your Passion for Art and Inspire Others at the Artisans' Guild of Camas Meeting!

Are you passionate about art and love to share your knowledge and skills with others? The Artisans' Guild of Camas is looking for artists who want to present at our monthly general meetings. Whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner, we welcome anyone who wants to inspire others and showcase their skills. You can choose to do a demo or presentation on any art-related topic or subject that you're passionate about. This is a great opportunity to teach and connect with other artists in the community. Interested? Contact Linda Johnson to sign up for our upcoming monthly meetings.

No upcoming events at the moment

Local Art News

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