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Little Art Comes Alive in Camas March 18-19 at Fuel Medical

Downtown Camas Association (DCA) is inviting the public to view and purchase little works of original art on Friday and Saturday, March 18th and 19th. This popular event, known as “Little Art Camas” began in 2019. Earlier this year, DCA invited local artisans to purchase blank wood art panels and then paint them up! All forms of art were welcomed and participation is open to all ages and abilities. In all, 163 artists signed up this year to paint the panels. Now the public will have an opportunity to view and purchase the artwork.

Friday, March 18th kicks off the popular art event with a preview hour from 5 to 6 pm at Fuel Medical, 314 NE Birch Street in downtown Camas. Pieces from the art exhibit may be purchased that evening from 6 to 9 pm for a flat rate of $20 per piece, making the art accessible to all. On Saturday, March 19th, the art exhibit, and sale continue at Fuel Medical from 12-4 pm. Many new pieces will be added to the Saturday show. “Our community has a passion for this celebration of art,” says Carrie Schulstad, Executive Director of DCA. “Local residents have an opportunity to see what artists create with their wood art panels and then purchase the ones they love for a reasonable fee.”

Little Art Camas is a win-win event for everyone involved. Participating local artists enjoy the exposure of being part of the community art event and citizens get to buy an original work of art for just $20. Proceeds from the sale of art panels are used to purchase public art in the downtown Camas core. This work is overseen by the DCA Design Committee.

According to Schulstad, some of the favorite returning local artists that people are excited about include Heidi Curley, David Gerton, Liz Pike, Elida Field, and Tamra Sheline. When the doors open for the first time on Friday, March 18th at 5 pm, there may be a line out the door but the DCA has a streamlined guest check-in process with the available purchase of “buyer’s buttons.” This allows a smooth transaction process for attendees wishing to purchase art.

For more information about Little Art Camas, email or call 360-904-0218.

By Liz Pike, member of Artisans Guild of Camas

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