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Shangri-La Farm Hosts 3rd annual Fern Prairie ART FEST

By Liz Pike, member of the Artisans' Guild of Camas.

Ten local artists will unveil new works of art at the third annual Fern Prairie ART FEST on Saturday and Sunday, July 30-31, 2022, staged in the peaceful and tranquil setting of our Shangri-La Farm, just a little over a mile north of Lacamas Lake.

The public is invited to attend this free art event. Complimentary parking is available at neighboring Grove Field Airport, 632 NE 267th Avenue, Camas, WA 98607. Our farm's “Sunflower Mobile” will transport guests from the rented airport parking lot on a scenic trail through the woods to Shangri-La Farm. The Sunflower Mobile is a vintage all-electric six-passenger golf cart that I repurposed a few years back. Using oils, I hand-painted the entire fiberglass body in my signature sunflower motif. People love this cheerful and comfortable ride to the farm!

I organized the first-ever Fern Prairie ART FEST in 2020 out of frustration from the cancellation of nearly every art festival in our region that year. I was determined to create a new outdoor art event for the public to enjoy while also providing a much-needed sales venue for local artists. It was a huge success for everyone involved. For the past two years, ART FEST has attracted thousands of guests and participating artists have sold an abundance of work.

To date, ten artists have signed up to return to the Fern Prairie ART FEST this summer. Several oil paint artists joining me this year include Bev Birdwell, Cheryl Mathieson, Keith Russell, Cheryl Folkers, and Sarah Bang. Copper artist David Gerton will be displaying his beautiful metal works and Amy Ernst will be showcasing her original pottery works. Pastel artist Suzanne Grover is teaming up with her sister Char Hale, a local fused glass artist in a shared booth.

This is not a typical summer art festival. The public really gets two shows in one. They get to view beautiful original art from local artisans and tour lush organic gardens at the same time. My husband and I established Shangri-La Farm eleven years ago. It’s finally coming into its own as a rural destination. We invite visitors to wander on our meandering botanical garden paths to take in the season’s beauty. Our farm is all organic with several dozen raised beds, an extensive berry patch, and a fruit orchard. See busy bees, happy chickens, and a small flock of sheep in action.

My latest completed project is an E-CRAP composting station. E-CRAP is my clever acronym for Environmentally Conscious Recycled Animal Poop. At this facility, I turn to spoil from our animal barns into rich composted soils to biodynamically nourish our gardens. There’s also a quaint roadside farm stand that operates on an old-fashioned honor system. We sell farm-fresh eggs year-round and organic produce during the season. Guests are also invited to tour my onsite exhibition gallery, and my private art studio, and also see my “Sip & Paint for Fun ART FARM” instructional studio where I teach several oil painting classes each month.

I look forward to seeing you at Fern Prairie ART FEST on July 30-31!

Liz Pike has been painting on canvas since 1984. She is a self-taught artist working primarily in oils. She is the founder of Camas First Friday Art Walk. Her work can be seen at numerous summer art festivals in the region and she is represented by Camas Gallery. Reach Liz via email: at, Tel. (360) 281-8720, or visit LizPike.Art

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