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Washougal Studio Tours Open to the Public Over Mother's Day Weekend

Public invited to see where artists work at Washougal Studio Artists Tour slated for Mother’s Day Weekend, May 7-8, 2022

The public is invited to tour several artisan studios in Washougal at the 5th annual Washougal Studio Artists Tour. Each year, this event attracts more and more visitors to the area on Mother’s Day Weekend. The Washougal Studio Artists Tour takes place on Saturday and Sunday, May 7 and 8 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This is a great opportunity for the public to see a variety of artist mediums, experience where artists work, find out what inspires them, and see their most recent original works of art in the relaxed atmosphere of personal artisan studios across Washougal. There are 19 artist showing their work.

Trish Johnston’s watercolor and water media art studio is located in Washougal. She is an accomplished artist who also teaches drawing and beginning watercolor classes for adults. Acrylic artist Dana Bergdahl is inspired by wildlife and the outdoors. She is teaming up to show her work in Trish Johnston’s studio.

Susan Grover and her sister Charlene Hale are participating at Susan’s home studio. Suzanne grew up on a farm which inspires her work in watercolor, acrylic, and pastels. She loves catching the spirit of an animal as she paints the eyes. Charlene works in fused and enamel glass creating both expressive and functional pieces.

Mixed media artist Stu Ager is opening his studio to the public in Washougal. His work in metal and mixed media is influenced by nature as he seeks to portray images into realistic sculptures. He uses various combinations of aluminum, copper, steel, and cedar and finishes them in acrylic, patinas, and clear coats.

Tamara Dinius gets her inspiration for mixed media from the world around her. She originally started painting as a way to heal and grow. Following success with her own work, she also teaches others to paint in a variety of mediums. Handmade jewelry artist Toni McCarthy is teaming up with Tamara to display her work which also features handmade beads and fused metals. At this studio, Kathy Marty will also display her work in hand-woven eco-friendly rugs and other artisan home decor pieces.

Fused glass art by Shirley Bishop will also be a stop on the Studio Artists Tour. Shirley is one of the event’s founders. Shirley loves to share her passion for glass with others by offering weekend classes at her spacious studio situated at her inviting 20-acre property in rural Washougal.

See more details at the official website: For more information, contact Shirley Bishop at (360) 991-3081 or email

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