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Make 2022 Your Best Art Year Yet!

Do you feel like your art processes are too routine; like the wheels are just spinning around without direction? Perhaps some contemplative planning is just what you need.

Try this four-step process for thoughtful ART planning for the season ahead!

STEP ONE: Create a master calendar for 2022 and consider all your current obligations; review possibilities. Dream. Imagine. Think differently than you have in the past.

STEP TWO: Make a commitment to new focus projects. Select up to three focus projects to undertake over the next several months.

STEP THREE: Start planning your first focus project by thinking through all of the details of the plan. How will you implement it? If it requires marketing, create an advertising plan to get exposure, (either through social media, free earned media, and/or other forms of advertising). Treat the focus project like a business plan; chart what you expect to spend monetarily, how much time resource you will invest, and what income you may possibly derive from it. Repeat for each focus project.

STEP FOUR: Draft a plan from start to finish to successfully implement each of your new focus projects. Be sure to include all the details. Review, refine and then execute!


Organize a specialty art class, plan a Plein air event with other artists at your home or some other location, apply to participate in an art festival that’s new to you, and explore a new art medium. Take a class to learn new techniques in your chosen medium.

Remember to dream, breathe, and then dream some more. Put your dreams into action. Hold yourself accountable to your dreams!

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